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I'm a one woman show, creating and designing fantastical characters from my whimsical imagination stoked by a childhood full of storybooks and Rankin & Bass stop motion animation cartoons... 

An imagination that I used prolifically as a child to create my own wonderland. Though at that time my wonderland looked like mud pies decorated with wildflowers and daisy chains served as party snacks to my Raggedy Anne doll and some stick people....
                                                                                                  ... I was about 8 years old when I played in the yard & garden and the tiny hideaway world under the big lilac bush in the corner of my parents homestead and the tall pine forest around mamaw's little house in the woods in the Ozark Mountains... I'm pretty sure that's when the fairies began showing me a wonderland filled with things I can create so that I'd never have a boring day in my life.

I wouldn't have been given these gifts and continue to be blessed with creative inspiration if I didn't share them with the world. So I share my love of soft sculpture creating through teaching online classes and live workshops and retreats so I can share the happiness too!

I'm often asked how long it takes for me create a doll... Well, really, I never count the hours anymore. I once told a person it took 3 weeks to create and finish one of the small dolls, they began to count that as a 40 hour week. Haha! Art hours can and are usually up to 12 or 16 to 20 hour DAYS! Just think of it like this - an Artist is creating something from nothing; Something that has never existed before that artist thought it up so there's no template or pattern to get them started because THEY WILL HAVE TO MAKE THE TEMPLATE OR THE PATTERN...

 I can say that it has taken me my whole lifetime to learn the various skills I have to create the figures I am creating at the moment. And the pieces continue to evolve through everyday work and trial & error as I learn something new.

It was natural for me to begin designing figures in cloth, in my late 20's, since I had been sewing almost everything else up to that point. I love texture so fabrics were my go to choice for a base medium (painters paint on a cloth canvas). I paint/draw the faces and features on all of my dolls. I love costuming the figures in elaborate Victorian, Edwardian, Medieval mixed eras and of course woodland wear. I draw my ideas from the depths of Shakespeare, Folklore & Fairytale, Nursery Rhyme, and children's storybooks; of which I have a good sized library.
Life has really never been boring... sad at times, but never boring.

Lots of Love, Paula McGee - Official Faerie DollMother - Paula's Doll House @ Paisley Moon Studio

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