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I'm often asked how long it takes for me create a doll... Well, really, I never count the hours anymore. I once told a person it took 3 weeks to create and finish one of the small dolls, they began to count that as a 40 hour week. Haha! Art hours can and are usually up to 12 or 16 to 20 hour DAYS! Just think of it like this - an Artist is creating something from nothing; Something that has never existed before that artist thought it up so there's no template or pattern to get them started because THEY WILL HAVE TO MAKE THE TEMPLATE OR THE PATTERN...

 I can say that it has taken me my whole lifetime to learn the various skills I have to create the figures I am creating at the moment. And the pieces continue to evolve through everyday work and trial & error and I'm ALWAYS learning something new.

Lots of Love, Paula McGee - Official Faerie DollMother - Paula's Doll House @ Paisley Moon Studio

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                    Paula McGee
Paula's Doll House - Paisley Moon Studios
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I believe that we all have a story to tell & we leave evidence of this everywhere we go. In our homes, in our gardens, in the things we wear. You can move into a new home and you have to make it yours, don’t you, because the previous inhabitant has left an indelible aura of a bit of their being in that space. It’s through my art I share my stories. I love working with previously adored vintage fabrics, jewelry, haberdashery & other items that have become tattered & worn through time, love and comfort and incorporate them into my art dolls to give these materials a fresh breath of life.