PO BOX 1244
DOVER AR 72837

My name is Paula McGee. I'm a fantasy Art Doll artist & old house DIY'er. 

I design & construct one of a kind cloth art faerie dolls.

I like to teach my faerie art doll classes online using video for visual instruction & pdf downloads for the patterns. I like to teach several ways of creating something, a doll, so you can then learn which technique's are your favorites to be able go on & create your own style...

​I'm setting up my art doll studio and my online "studio" to run more efficiently for me to get more dolls and more tutorials finished in time to share with you.

Here's how it works...
When I design a sewing pattern and convert it to a digital file. It will be uploaded to my Etsy Shop for you to purchase and download.

For my older patterns I'm making video tutorials for them to share exclusively with my patrons on Patreon. You have to subscribe to gain access, but $1.00 can unlock most of the mini tutorials!

Thank you so much, Love, P.

Paula's Doll House