November 12, 2018 ~
Lots of family & friends coming & going this month already and I'm exhausted. But I've rested up today and tonight things are nearly normal again, I'm cozy and warm in my studio ready to get working on new fairies!
I don't have any plans in order this season, as I have to be available for what may come, other than working up newly designed fairies, classes, and listing in my Etsy Shop. You can find me  stitching around these parts - Instagram - Facebook - Etsy - Patreon - love, Paula

All events will almost always happen in PATREON. The best way to hear the news is to follow me at my PATREON group, just to follow is free. When you feel comfortable enough you may join one of the tier's (you can read more about tier's at patreon) to open more informational posts from my doll cottage studio.

Love, Paula ~the faerie dollmother~

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