December 27, 2018 ~
In the fall of 2018 I began "reinventing" my art career practices. Like updating my doll making studio with materials and supplies I knew I wanted to use & giving away the materials I haven't used in years. With the feedback from friends who are actually in the middle of all my swirling madness I can move forward with certainty.
2019 is promising to build and show the growth I planted just a few weeks ago. So I'm moving forward with joy and a burning imagination full of little ones to create. I love this "job" of mine. hosts my subscription group. I'm sharing exclusive content such as video tutorials on doll making as well as clothing and accessories for dolls. By subscribing you'll get sewing pattern pdf's, traceable face templates, videos and so much more... (patrons will get patterns while subscribed at certain levels).

My Etsy shop is where all my pdf patterns, Online classes, download digital files, and ooak fairies are for sale. 

And my website here is the home base planet where all notifications will let you know what's new & the links to everything I do are here.​

You can find me  stitching around these parts - Instagram - Facebook - Etsy - Patreon - love, Paula
All events will almost always happen in PATREON. The best way to hear the news is to follow me at my PATREON group, just to follow is free. When you feel comfortable enough you may join one of the tier's (you can read more about tier's at patreon) to open more informational posts from my doll cottage studio.
Love, Paula ~the faerie dollmother~

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